Albuquerque Cheek Implants & Chin Implants

Albuquerque cheek implants and chin implants improve the contour of the cheek bone and chin. These procedures can be performed alone or in combination with others.

Albuquerque Cheek Implants & Chin Implants Examples

This 45-year-old woman felt her chin was “weak” and this made her nose seem overprojecting. The chin augmentation is performed through an incision inside the lower lip. The chin augmentation made her lower face much better balanced with the upper face. She is very happy with the results. Implants: 1.2 cm thickness anatomic chin implant.


Albuquerque Cheek Implants & Chin Implants Example Albuquerque Cheek & Chin Implants


Cheek & Chin Implants Examples Cheek & Chin Implants Examples