Albuquerque Otoplasty or Ear Surgery

Albuquerque Otoplasty is a surgery to correct ear deformity. The most common deformity is the protruding ear. Individuals, especially children, with this problem often are often ridiculed. We can help if you are looking for an Albuquerque Otoplasty expert.

Otoplasty Examples*

This 24-year-old woman has been quite self-conscious of her prominent ears. The ears protruded because of overprojection of the concha cartilage. The correction involved removal of excess skin and cartilage from the ears. The scars were behind the ears and well hidden. The surgery successfully reduced the projection of the ears.


Albuquerque Otoplasty osto-pre-op2-sm


Albuquerque Otoplasty Example osto-post-op2-sm