Many people have been asking for “gummy-bear” breasts implants in the recent years. Now there are available! Sientra recently introduced them in the US. This is followed by Allergan and Mentor. We are excited to offer these new implants at Plastic Surgery Institute of New Mexico, a premier Albuquerque breast augmentation center.

What exactly are the shape-stable implants (gummy bear implants) and who are good candidates? These are silicone implants which contains a more viscous gel. In fact, if you cut open an implant, the gel will not flow out, and hence the popular name of “gummy bear implants.” Traditionally, the breast tissue and skin wrap around the malleable implants. In other words, the soft tissues shapes the breast contour. Since the shape-stable implants are more firmer and less likely to change their contour, they actually create the shape of the breast contour. Over time, they may be better in maintaining the upper-pole fullness.

Like traditional Albuquerque breast augmentation candidate, those who have adequate skin elasticity and less droopiness (ptosis) tend to be better candidates. We need to evaluate each person individually as there are many factors involved.

These implants are a little firmer than the traditional silicone implants but most people probably will not notice much difference. Because the shaped-stable implants are tear-drop shaped, they could not rotate once inserted into the pocket. The way they can be prevented from rotation and movement is by having the textured surface. The incisions to insert them through the breast creases will be a little longer to allow safe insertion of the implants.

The shape-stable implants, although relative now to the US market, has been used around the world for years. They also have undergone studies in the US  for close to 10 years. The safety and durability compare very favorable to the traditional silicone gel implants.

As an expert in Albuquerque breast augmentation, I am pleased to offer yet another option to enhance you experience and to achieve your goal.