So you have been thinking about enlarging your breasts, or tightening your belly, or rejuvenating your face, but how do you get started? How much will it cost? Who should you see? How do you know you have a good doctor? Can you finance it? Here are some answers from Dr. Neil Chen, a plastic surgery expert in Albuquerque, to get started.

1. What do you want to change? Facelift, breast augmentation, or tummy tuck are procedures you may be interested in.  Talk to your spouse or significant other. Talk to your best friend. Think it over. It is a cosmetic procedure after all. Don’t rush.

2. Are you doing it for yourself? Sounds like a dumb question but ask yourself, honestly. Are you wanting a surgery for the right reason? Are you doing it for your significant other? Statistics have shown patients are most like to be unhappy with the results when they do the surgery procedures for other people.

3. Where do I find the doctors? Search American Society of Plastic Surgeons and American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can find qualified plastic surgeons here. You can certainly search Google or Yahoo and read more about the practice of the doctors. Read their reviews on line. Look at pre-op and post-op photos.

4. Set up an appointment. Make a list of questions for the surgeon.  Ask these at the appointment if you will be seeing the doctor. Dr. Chen believe firmly in seeing each and every patient individually. During this appointment, you will also get the estimate of the procedure and the payment options. We accept cashiers’ checks and major credit cards. In addition, we use Care Credit for financing.

Keep in mind that cosmetic surgical procedures are elective operations. Safety always come first. Before you decide on an operation, make sure you do plenty of research and make sure you are in good health. Make sure your surgeon is aware of any medical condition you may have.

And then, make your call to set up an appointment!