Many people wonder what happens in a consultation with the Albuquerque plastic surgeon, Dr. Neil Chen. Here we put together a typical breast surgery consultation to answer some of your questions and to relieve some of your anxiety.

Many people first hear about Dr. Chen from their friends. Many of these friends are his previous patients and are very happy with his services and outcomes. Setting up an appointment to see Dr. Chen is as simple as calling our office.

Many other people find us after searching on search engines and doing online research. The vast majority of the people find our website very informative. In particular, the pre-op and post-op photos and the explanations really show a wide variety of typical results from Dr. Chen. Obviously these are actual patients of Dr. Chen and who have given written consents for the use of their photographs. Many people fill out the consultation request form. What many people do not know is that all the first contact emails are personally answered by Dr. Chen, often within a few hours. Some people ask about the cost of surgery, but we can only at best give an rough estimate because the exact recommended procedures can be made only after the consultations.

We stress the importance of filling out the Patient Information sheet  in your breast surgery consultation ahead of visit and to arrive on time in order to make the most of the consultation. Dr. Chen always sees patients personally in the initial breast surgery consultation. During the consultation, videos of the appropriate procedures will be shown and Dr. Chen will discuss the procedures with you. In the case of breast surgery, he will help you choose the type and the size of the implants as necessary. If you need breast lift, more discussion will follow. Dr. Chen will make sure all your questions are answered. Then finally the surgical estimates will be generated. Financing information, if needed, can also be provided. We use Care Credit for financing.

There is absolutely no pressure in making any decision at the time of your breast surgery consultation. You are encouraged to discuss everything with your significant other and family if you like. Dr. Chen strongly believes a well-informed and educated patient will be a much happier patient. If you or your significant other would like to discuss further with Dr. Chen, you are more than welcome to set up another breast surgery consultation with him. Occasionally, we have out-of-state and even out-of-country patients. We can set up video conference and exchange information via secure email.

Once you are totally comfortable  with your decision and decide to go ahead with your procedure, simply call the office and inform the clinical coordinator of your optimal surgical date; she will do the best to accommodate you. We usually schedule another pre-op visit where the pre-op photos are taken and consent forms are reviewed and signed. You also have more opportunities to discuss any questions with Dr. Chen again. We usually at this time give you the prescription medications to be used after surgery and set up the first post-operative visit. Also in this visit we give you the detailed pre-op instructions. This concludes the series of breast surgery consultations before surgery.

Before the actual day of surgery, Dr. Chen has a few words of advice. Once you have made the choices of your surgeon and the procedure, stop doing more research, especially in the various chat forum in the days leading to surgery. They often simply make you more confused and more anxious. Just relax and try to put everything out of your mind for a while. Before you know it, your surgery will be here!

Don’t delay. Call for your personal consultation with Dr. Neil Chen today at 505-842-8889.