Abdominoplasty Example 2Abdominoplasty Example 2

Congratulations! You have lost 100 pounds… now what? You feel more energetic. Your joints feel better. Your diabetes and hypertension are gone. Unfortunately, the excess skin is still there, at your abdomen, breasts, arms and thighs. These are common problems after massive weight loss, and we can help you with the following cosmetic surgery procedures.

After massive weight loss, most people are bothered by excess skin at their abdomen. This can be addressed by abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck. Not only can the excess skin be removed, the laxity of muscles can be tightened and the abdomen flattened. The trade off is that there will be a long scar at the lower abdomen. Vast majority of people with massive weight loss do not have any problems accepting these scars.

Mastopexy, or breast lift, tends to be a very popular request as well. The the massive weight loss, most people will have significant loss of the breast volume while the skin remains. Mastopexy with or without implants can tighten the skin and restore the volume if necessary. It is important to note, too, that mastopexy generally involves some scars on the breasts as well.

Arm and thigh lifts remove the excess skin and improve the contour of the arm and the thigh, respectively. The best results are obtained when there is not excessive amount of fat.  The scars are in the inner sides of the extremities. Because of the thin skin in the inner arm and thighs, the scars tend not to heal as well. You have to be willing to trade better contour for the scars.

Other than the above-mentioned cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss, there are several other procedures which may be useful as well. Back lift, facelift, eyelid surgery are some of them. You can learn more about these procedures in our web site.

You have lost a lot of weight. We will help you look as good as you feel.