Improved Self-Image Following Mastectomies

Women who have battled breast cancer and lost one or both breasts following mastectomy now have an option to restore what was removed. Our Albuquerque breast reconstruction surgeon is trained and experienced in performing this valuable surgery and takes pride in helping women improve their self-esteem following a battle with cancer.

There are many different surgical techniques involved in breast reconstruction and our Albuquerque breast reconstruction surgeon can evaluate your individual medical history and other factors to determine the best course of action to take. If only one breast was affected, it can be reconstructed to match the size and shape of the other. Also, in some cases, breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction may be used to improve symmetry of the positioning, size, and shape of both breasts. Through a careful consultation and evaluation, our Albuquerque breast reconstruction surgeon is able to achieve amazing results.

Albuquerque Breast Reconstruction Surgery Details

With breast reconstruction, a surgeon strives to restore a breast removed by mastectomy to achieve a shape, appearance and size that appears natural. While some women choose to come to our Albuquerque office to restore the size and shape of their pre-mastectomy breasts, others choose to increase the size of their breasts with the reconstuction.

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