Albuquerque Brachioplasty

Dr. Chen and the Plastic Surgery of New Mexico is the Albuquerque Brachioplasty expert. Brachioplasty, also know as an arm lift, is used to remove excessive loose skin and fat under the arms.

Albuquerque Brachioplasty Example 1*

Age: 33
Note: This woman lost 50 pounds after a gastric banding procedure. She has very well-localized excess skin and fat at her upper inner arms. Liposuction would not be sufficient as the skin would not shrink back enough. Her brachioplasty (arm lift) provided the needed skin reduction to give the the desired contour.


Albuquerque Brachioplasty Example 1 Brachioplasty Example 1


Brachioplasty Post Op ex1-post-op2