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Deirdre Herzer
Deirdre Herzer
00:24 16 Mar 19
The surgery that I received from Dr. Chen was beyond expectations, it was just what I needed. I was so very pleased with the results. The staff are all so wonderful and kind. I continue to remain a patient with what I call facial “ rejuvenation’s” .Thank you to Davery who gives such wonderful attention and care!read more
Google User
Google User
19:31 01 Mar 17
I cannot express how impressed I am with Dr. Chen, his team and my overall experience! From my initial consultation to my follow up visits, I received amazing care and customer service. I was beginning to loose hope with the providers I met with and thought I'd have to settle for a doctor. However, after meeting with Dr. Chen, I immediately knew he held all the qualities I was looking for in a provider to meet my specific needs. Dr. Chen made me feel very comfortable and was open to all of the questions I had and patiently answered them in a way that I understood. He is very knowledgeable of his work and provided honest feedback and suggestions. The day of my surgery, everything went smoothly. Dr. Chen and his team explained everything in detail not only to me but to my husband and mother who were just as nervous as I was. They again patiently answered all our questions (sometimes answering the same question multiple times) which helped put us all at ease. The recovery process was a lot smoother than I expected which I believe is contributed to Dr. Chen's skills, knowledge, care for his patients and his team. Post op, Dr. Chen personally called me to see how I was feeling and ensure I didn't have any questions/concerns and was readily available by phone when I did have a question. I am now two months post op and my results have exceeded my expectations and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome! I highly recommend Dr. Chen and will return in the future without a doubt. Thank you PSI!read more
Kaylee Goff
Kaylee Goff
18:31 20 Jul 17
Dr. Chen along with his staff were nothing short of amazing! I had such a wonderful experience at his office, I highly recommend him to everyone! I will definitely be returning in the future for any other cosmetic procedures! Thank you for taking such great care of me ❤️read more
Katerina Rael
Katerina Rael
04:40 15 Jun 17
Dr. Chen and staff are amazing very kind and compassionate. Highly trust him and his clinical judgment as a surgeon. He did an amazing job minimum scarring and pain. Would highly recommended. Very quick and flexible to get a consult and schedule a more
Roxanne Virgilio
Roxanne Virgilio
05:05 11 Dec 13
I cannot more highly recommend Dr. Chen as a Plastic Surgeon of choice here in New Mexico. His vast experience, distinct attention to each and every detail, and most importantly, his gentle tough as a surgeon is up and above! I have had previous Plastic Surgery done in another state and was highly considering returning to that surgeon, however after my initial consultation with Dr. Chen, there was absolutely no question in my mind that I was totally comfortable with him and the results I could expect would meet my expectations. He has treated both myself and my husband, and consequently a friend from California also flew out here after she saw my results. We are all hugely grateful to Dr. Chen and his Staff for their expertise and 100% care through the entire process of our surgeries! read more
John N Lori Gallegos
John N Lori Gallegos
01:30 02 Jan 20
Saw dr Chen scheduled an appointment can’t wait to see my results! This is so huge for me to feel comfortable and confident in my own skin after my weight lossread more
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Static Reviews

“I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness as were all the patients who I observed in the office today….Your staff far exceeds the norm in polite and thoughtful service.” *
– J.H.

“We could not have asked for a better doctor to do the procedures.” *
– E.R.

“[Dr. Chen] is very caring and explained everything that would be happening.” *
– S.W.

“I am no longer self-conscious about the way my neck looks and am very happy with the results. Dr. Chen is an excellent surgeon.” *

The personnel at Dr. Chen’s office were very courteous and understanding. I was made comfortable from the moment I went into their offices. I had been thinking about breast augmentation for approximately 24 years never wanting to go through with it because of all the scares. I finally got the nerve to contact Dr. Chen and make an appointment.” *
– D.S.

“Dr. Chen sat me down and let me ask him all types of questions being very patient with me and understanding the fears I had. He then explained the different procedures that he could use and how he comes up with figuring out the proper size for you. My whole idea for the augmentation was to make me feel better about myself and not to make a statement where everyone who saw me made the comments about the increased size of my chest. It is amazing that this increase from a non-A size cup to a C-cup increased my confidence tenfold. I am very pleased with the surgery and the way I was treated throughout the whole process. I would not hesitate to refer Dr. Chen to my friends or any one else who are considering any type of plastic surgery.

I was very concerned about the procedures and the possible repercussions from this surgery, but there were very few. Dr. Chen and his staff make it easy to go through the procedure. I was expected to be in a lot of pain and not be able to do normal things for a long period of time. I was in some pain but not as much as I expected and was able to do my normal work within a short period of time.

Dr. Chen has my phone number and if anyone would like a personal reference or would like to ask questions. Please ask him for my number I would be happy to talk to you about the surgery.” *
– S.M.

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