Rhinoplasty is a unique surgical operation in that it must be tailored on an individual basis. There is not a single ‘pretty’ nose that will look good on each patient, nor will each patient consider a certain type of nose beautiful. If you are need a surgeon for Albuquerque Rhinoplasty and need more information please read below.

Albuquerque RhinoplastyEliminate The “Bump”

Many patients pursuing a rhinoplasty procedure are bothered by a ‘bump’ along the bridge of the nose that is most visible on side profile. This is typically a combination of both bone and cartilage and can be sculpted to produce a straighter line. Some patients prefer a straight line all the way to the tip, and others like a differentiation between the bridge of the nose and the tip, called a supra-tip break. It is important to discuss this with your surgeon and realize that the strength of your own tissues dictate what is possible.

Tip Refinement

Not every patient is bothered by the appearance of the tip of the nose, but it may be part of the recommended procedure. It is important to keep in mind that as the nose is altered, sometimes alterations to other areas of the nose are required to achieve facial harmony.

Some patients are only bothered by the nasal tip, and this can often be improved with surgery. The degree of tip refinement is limited by the amount of skin thickness patients have. Those with very thick skin will have a muted result, regardless of now precise the internal cartilage is altered, as a thick skin envelope will hide the refinement.

It is important to remember that tip swelling after rhinoplasty can last over a year, and it is often the last thing to subside.

Straightening the Curve

Some patients considering rhinoplasty have a curve to their nose. This can be apparent in the bridge of the nose when looking straight on, or sometimes is seen by looking from the below and realizing the tip is off center. There are many causes of a curved nose, and during your consultation, your surgeon will discuss what may be contributing, and how easy of a fix is possible. Some patients are able to achieve a dramatic straight line after surgery, while others should expect improvement. The degree of prior surgical or traumatic scar tissue influences the amount the tissues can be predictably straightened, as does the condition of the patient’s own cartilage.

Breathing Issues

There are many causes of restricted airflow through the nose, and some are surgically corrected with rhinoplasty and others are not. Your surgeon will discuss whether any breathing concerns you have before surgery could potentially be improved by rhinoplasty or septoplasty.

Most patients will have some difficulty breathing after surgery as there is significant swelling after rhinoplasty that can weeks, months or sometimes longer to go down and let air pass smoothly again. On rare occasions, it is possible to have less airflow after rhinoplasty.

Ideal Candidates

An ideal candidate for rhinoplasty is not expecting perfection, as this is essentially unobtainable. The goal of rhinoplasty is to improve the overall appearance of the nose and to re-balance facial proportions.

Most patients bothered by rhinoplasty can define what it is they don’t like about their nose, and are often self-conscious about the way their nose looks.  

Rhinoplasty Recovery

There is usually not significant pain after rhinoplasty surgery but some ache and bruising are expected. Pain medication and antibiotics are prescribed after the procedure, and most patients are placed in tape and a splint for a week.

The general recommendation is to take a week off work to heal, with the understanding that bruises are unpredictable, and while some patients have zero bruising after a week of being in a splint, others still have black eyes that can be difficult to conceal for several weeks.

The average patient is presentable at work and social events within 2 weeks of the procedure with makeup.

More Albuquerque Rhinoplasty Information

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