Give yourself a facial rejuvenation! Albuquerque Botox & Juvederm injections are also available from Plastic Surgery Institute of New Mexico.

First, let me start by saying Botox and fillers both strive to lessen the facial wrinkles. However, they work by very different ways. Botox weakens the underlying facial muscles responsible for the creases, while fillers plump up the creases directly by filling them up with gel-like volume expanders. One may say that the former treats the cause while the latter treats the effect. We generally do not use Botox and fillers interchangeably. I prefer to use Botox in the forehead for the horizontal wrinkles, between-the-eye brow furrows (the “11” line) and the crow’s feet lines. For the lower face wrinkles,  such as the nasolabial creases (the line extending downward from the nose), the Marionette lines (the line extending from the corners of the mouth) and the perioral wrinkles (smoker’s lines), fillers are very effective. For those who fancy fuller lips, the fillers are also an attractive option.

Albuquerque Botox and Dysport:

Albuquerque Botox

This prescription injection is used to reduce/eliminate the wrinkles of the forehead and between eyebrows. Botox and Dysport are approved for both moderate to severe frown lines and crows feet. The results of the injections are highly dependent on the technique and we aim to get the best results with the least amount of the injection.

Albuquerque Juvederm Ultra Plus XC and Restylane:

and Restylane an injectable gel used to enhance lip fullness and to fill fine wrinkles. There is a moderate and also a deep injection gel available.  The moderate one is used for temporarily adding volume to the skin, especially around the nose and mouth. The deep injection gel can be used in the cheek area for age-related volume loss in adults.

Facial Esthetic Treatments

Our esthetic partner Nicole Ortega of Integrity Esthetics offers Clear+Brilliant laser treatments, various peels and facials, among others. Read more here or call 505-977-8952 for a complimentary consultation.