Bullying is receiving more national attention and this Albuquerque plastic surgeon believe we can help. Bullying, and lately cyber bullying, can cause pain, suffering, and even suicides in many cases that have received national attention. We all probably know of some boys and girls who got “teased” in schools or in our neighborhood. Some may even be our own children. Obviously there are many causes which contribute to bullying, but appearance is an important factor. We can even relate to our own experience in our childhood. Remember the “funny” kid with large ears? How about the kid with big nose? And the girl with “boyish chest”? We  can on and on. It is tough to go through childhood even without the worry to be accepted by your peers.

Many youngsters are troubled by their prominent ears. They typically wear hats and grow long hair when they come in my office with their parents. The optimal time to address prominent ears (otoplasty) is before they enter first grade. By that time, the size of ears have grown to about 90% of that of adult size. Timing the surgery before their first grade could avoid the psychologic trauma in school.

Gynecomastia is an embarrassing condition for young men. The over-development of breasts can be associated with obesity or anabolic steroids, among others. Sometimes this condition will correct itself. If not, gynecomastia correction surgery can accomplish the desired results.

There are several other procedures beyond the scope of this blog. As a plastic surgeon, I believe there is definitely a role of plastic surgery for teens, especially if this would reduce bullying. For a interview aired by CNN, also view this.