Everyone has heard of Botox and fillers and many have already used them in our Albuquerque plastic surgery office. However, how these injections work and where to get the most effect remain a mystery to many people. If you are not sure if Botox and fillers have a place in your quest to rejuvenate yourself, stay tuned and read on.

First, let me start by saying Botox and fillers both strive to lessen the facial wrinkles. However, they work by very different ways. Botox weakens the underlying facial muscles responsible for the creases, while fillers plump up the creases directly by filling them up with gel-like volume expanders. One may say that the former treats the cause while the latter treats the effect. We generally do not use Botox and fillers interchangeably. I prefer to use Botox in the forehead for the horizontal wrinkles, between-the-eye brow furrows (the “11” line) and the crow’s feet lines. For the lower face wrinkles,  such as the nasolabial creases (the line extending downward from the nose), the Marionette lines (the line extending from the corners of the mouth) and the perioral wrinkles (smoker’s lines), fillers are very effective. For those who fancy fuller lips, the fillers are also an attractive option.

Some people have raised concerns about the so-called Botox “rebound effect ” or “tolerance” where increasingly larger doses may be necessary to achieve the the same effect.  I have not observed either in my 15 years experience of injecting Botox.  Some people are concerned with allergic reaction. This, from my experience, is also very rare. One undesired side effect of mild eyelid droopiness occasionally happens. This is due to diffusion of Botox to the levator muscle.  Generally this side effect does not last more than 1-2 weeks and can be reduced with an eyedrop. Botox usually lasts about 3-4 months.

Many fillers have hyaluronic acid, which is a natural component of our skin, as their main component.  I prefer Juvedern Ultra Plus XC by Allergan because of the longevity of results. I use the filler mostly at the lower face creases and have found it effective. For many people seeking rejuvenation but who are not yet a surgical candidate, fillers offer a satisfactory bridging path. I have found Juvederm Ultra Plus XC lasts about 1 year.

Obviously Botox and fillers are not solutions to all facial rejuvenation need. Please come in our Albuquerque office for your private consultation.

Time does not stand still… unfortunately. But we certainly are fighting its effects tooth and nail.