Liposuction has been around for a while in the armamentarium of this Albuquerque plastic surgeon. Intuitively, it seems to be a simple concept: you take a vacuum tube under skin and out comes the fat, right? Actually, it is a little more complex than that.

First of all, what can be removed with suction technique? Essentially most areas that have undesirable fatty deposit. However, there are places with dense plexus of nerves and vessels. These places with dense fascia layers that make this procedure dangerous or suboptimal. The most common places of liposuction are thighs, flank areas (love handles), abdomen, chest and back. Many people asked about liposuction of the arm and the neck. These are certainly areas that we can remove fat. The problem is that the resulting laxity often is often excessive and  undesirable. This is why we often combine arm liposuction with armlift (brachioplasty) and the neck liposuction, with facelift.

In addition to regular suction, I use ultrasound liposuction in areas with denser fat, such as the back area. It breaks apart with fat cells and make them easier to remove. There are also other additional add-ons to liposuction methods. Laser and RF field can be used to generating heat in order to facilitate removal of fat but usage need to be individualized. Tumescent solution, which contains lidocaine, epinephrine, and saline, is routinely used in liposuction.

One frequently asked question is whether the fat can come back to the suctioned areas. The short answer is yes. Even when we do liposuction aggressively in an area, there is significant number of fat cell left behind. If you gain weight, each of these fat cell will get larger, and you will gain inches in this area. However, this also happens in other area with no liposuction. Therefore, you do not just gain fat first in the suctioned area.   If you are interested in Albuquerque liposuction services or have more questions, please call or contact us.